Cagliari: Visitors and Flu

Stephen & Anne
Wed 4 Feb 2009 14:28

Sorry for the lack of blog. We both came down with flu, we are just about recovered now.


Going back a few weeks we had Alan and Nigel visit. The weather behaved perfectly for their visit. The sun shone and skies were clear blue. The first day of their stay we walked them all over the old town of Cagliari. As we had not yet visited the Botanical Gardens and the roman Amphitheatre we went there first. Unfortunately due to a bad map (and probably bad map reading) we ended up walking up the wrong side of the Botanical gardens which meant there was no way in. As it was an uphill walk we decided not to walk back down to find a way in but carry on. We then went around the museum complex and to the cathedral.




The streets of Cagliari                                                                                         … and another street – they appear to be narrowing



We then headed back to the boat for some lunch. After lunch we had a grand plan of visiting the cemetery. I know it seams an odd place to visit but we have had a couple of favourable reports about it. True to Italian style, although the notice board stated it opened at 3pm on a Sunday there was no sign of it opening. So we walked back to the boat and spent the afternoon onboard. On Sunday evening we went to our favourite pizza restaurant so Alan and Nigel could experience real Italian pizza.


On Monday we went to the indoor market. Alan had requested a visit to the market. We stocked up with Veg and fresh pasta. After stopping at the boat to drop off the provisions we went out to Poetta beach.



Nigel and Alan on Poetta beach – note the shirt sleeves and blue sky!!


After a drink and sandwich at one of the beach café’s in the glorious sunshine we went for a walk along the beach. There were a few other people about playing beach tennis and one brave lady who went for a swim (although it wasn’t a long swim so we guess the water was pretty cold).


Monday evening after a visit to say hello to David, Sarah, Bethany and Bryn on Cape we had an evening meal onboard Wandering Dragon. Nigel and Alan flew home on Tuesday. The weather then decided it wasn’t going to be quite so nice.


The following weekend we were hit by storms. We had 40-50kn winds. We were quite lucky really – this was the tailend of the storm that hit the bay of Biscay and Northern Spain, when they had 100kn winds.


The first day of the storm Stephen came down with flu. Anne thought she was managing to avoid it – but a couple of days later also succumbed.  The last week we have been fighting the flu – so have not done much apart from watch loads of DVD’s.


We think we are almost better so hopefully next weeks blog will be on time.




More photo’s of Cagliari old town