Stephen & Anne
Sat 6 Oct 2007 18:52

42:07.35N 8:50.80W


Today’s blog is by Yoyo the wet cat:



Yesterday was a brilliant day. I was of exploring all the ships, jumping into hatches, running towards people that don’t like cats and away from those that do (just to really confuse the humans).


Personally I blame my mum and dad for the water incident. I was happy 5 boats away when I heard dad crinkle the cat treat bag. So of course I came running like a good little pussy cat. My timing was just a tiny bit off and, if that owner had not polished the hull, I’m sure my claws would have gripped and saved me.


As it was not only did the boat get scratched, but I went for my first swim.


Bravely I swam home. I was quite happy aiming for the bathing platform – I’m sure I could have climbed on board - however mum and dad caught me in a big green net. The indignity of it all. Naturally I squealed for them to let me go, but since I was on board I did the next best thing and ran around their bedroom getting everything as wet as me. My brother Koshka actually woke up in time to see me running around wet.


Instead of helping me, they stood their taking pictures of me while I was shivering to death.


I’m not sure what I have done wrong, but they then proceeded to get me even more wet with some warm (clean) water. I managed to escape their clutches when I fell behind the cooker. Still at least it was dry there.


Eventually they went out for a meal and left me to clean myself. They then taunted me by telling me about this huge salmon steak they had that was cut in front of them from a whole salmon.


Today was a quiet day. I decided not to jump ship today as I saw the green net sitting their waiting for me. Mum and dad spent the day polishing the cockpit – are they trying to make it slippery so I will fall in again! Still at least I got some tuna from mum and dad and salmon from the nice lady on the next boat as a special treat.


Mum and dad are drinking G&T’s again so I might be able to jump ship without them noticing.