Cala De Santa Ponsa (Mallorca)

Stephen & Anne
Wed 30 Jul 2008 06:36

39.30.891N 2.28.150E


Wednesday: We had a much better nights sleep and even felt confident enough to switch off the anchor watch alarm. We both got up a couple of times through the night to check we were still in position. Even though we didn’t plan it, it turned out we did alternate 2 hourly checks with Anne checking at 2am and 6am and Stephen checking at midnight and 4am. I guess we can only both sleep for 4 hours before we worry and wake up!


This morning we did a few jobs around the boat. We deployed the “anchor chum” today. For those non-boaty people reading, it’s a very heavy weight (14kg) that slides down the chain stopping about 0.5m above the sea bed. It has the effect of keeping the chain horizontally on the seabed and therefore increasing the holding effect of the anchor. It is also meant to reduce bounce from passing waves and reducing how much you swing. It made a big difference when the jet skis and “floating bananas” went past - we wish we deployed it sooner! 


We also defrosted the fridge today, you open the lid, remove the food, wait 10 seconds, replace food, close lid – job done! (Actually it took about 2 hours to defrost). We need to let Skipper Yoyo tell you about this evening.


Skipper Yoyo here, on a mission to find more food.


Tonight the “Duck Man” from Pyxis to came over and fed me. He bought over a barbeque that mum and dad are thinking of buying – it cooks food but is externally cold. They used it on the teak decks and it was perfect. Pyxis cooked me some fish and chicken. The humans also had some boring vegetarian food. I kindly let the humans eat some of my fish and chicken (only Richard had the chicken). I got very excited waiting for it to cook, and mum and dad locked me inside. They said it was to protect me, but I think they were just eating the best bit of the fish. After I had my fish and chicken I decided to sulk a bit – well the indignity of being locked in.