La Coruna to Bayona

Stephen & Anne
Thu 4 Oct 2007 17:12

Wednesday morning was spent getting ready to sail to Baiona. We left La Coruna around 1:30pm on Wednesday the 3rd and arrived on Thursday 4th around 11:30am. The total distance was 110nm.


The winds were good initially at 15kn, then rose to a steady 22kn during the night. However by early morning they were non existent. The night was made interesting by more dolphins and the Spanish fishing fleet. The fishing fleet decided that the best fish must be right under the keel of Wandering Dragon, often turning a few minutes after we turned to avoid them. Another technique they employed was letting you think they had passed, then turning around and sneaking up from behind!


After the rough Biscay crossing the cats seemed to have no trouble at all this time, both choosing to sleep.


We traveled with Mistletoe again and despite the short hop we still managed to loose them. I think they are getting paranoid about us now!


We’ve now done the two trickiest passages for a while, (we hope), Biscay and Finisterre off Northern Spain. We can now slow down and start doing more day sails. I guess tomorrow will be spent exploring the town and looking for leaks (leaks in the bilges, not in the town).