Carloforte (Sardinia, Italy): Happy Moving on Board Anniversary

Stephen & Anne
Sun 17 Aug 2008 08:31

39.08.800N 8.18.693E


After our arrival we spent a day recovering from the passage. Then we spent a day recovering from celebrating the passage. Today we tried really hard to think of an excuse to do nothing. Then we remembered it was one year ago since we moved on board!


After cleaning Wanda inside, we went out shopping to get some more fresh pasta. We decided this evening to have an anniversary meal of fresh pasta and pesto for a change J


Apparently man cannot live on fresh pasta and pesto alone, however we are trying to disprove this theory. Tomorrow we really need to try to vary our diet. In case you think we may be getting scurvy (in port!) we are adding some vegetables to the pasta and pesto – yesterday we had it with an accompaniment of red pepper, green beans & courgette and today we had green beans and rocket. The healthy eating regime is having a short rest. Look on the bright side at least we haven’t found a really handy ice cream shop yet!!!!


Not many people went out sailing today as the winds were quite strong due to the Mistral. So we haven’t had the fun of watching the marina staff in the dinghies.


Koshka is getting quite brave – although the marina is quite busy he goes out on deck exploring. Koshka and Yoyo are very happy as the supermarket sells their favorite kitty litter and reports have come back that they sell tins of tuna.