Gibraltar: La Linea

Stephen & Anne
Wed 16 Apr 2008 19:54

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


Yesterday morning we cleaned out the engine room – a task made much easier with no gear box.


In the afternoon we went across the border into Spain into La Linea in search of a cheap chandlery we had heard about. We eventually found it after 45 minutes – and we didn’t get lost! It was just a long way out of town. Of course we arrived too early and it was closed – we had forgotten how to manage the Spanish siestas. The only thing we could do was find a bar for a beer after our long walk while waiting for the chandlery to open.


We managed to buy a pair of springs to help with the swell. We also found some “Volvo green” paint for the engine and gear box. We decided to return by taxi as the springs were heavy – a very wise decision as carrying them across the border was difficult enough.


Today we went in search of some books and had partial success. We found Anne a hairdresser so she could have her hair done. Stephen ran around Gibraltar after the gear box – there was some confusion over when it would be fitted – they tried to fit it today and I wanted to paint it while it was removed. Eventually Stephen, paint and gear box all met at a secret location and the now repaired gear box also looks new! It will be fitted and tested on Thursday.


This afternoon we had tea with Rafiki and fitted the springs we purchased yesterday.


A view across to Africa from the top of the rock in Gibraltar