Lagos: Curtains XP SP3 (Vista is delayed)

Stephen & Anne
Fri 7 Dec 2007 08:52

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today we woke up full of the joys of spring determined to make serious headway in completing the curtains. After an early morning washing clothes, we listened to the bi-daily Lagos Marina Navigators Net broadcast on Ch77 at 09.30 on the VHF radio.  This gives an updates on local weather, boat issues, events, etc.


After the Navigators Net we decided Richard and Karen also needed to be enjoying the day, so armed with fellow cruisers we visited their boat and proceeded to ensure they were “enjoying” the day and not lying in bed missing it J  


We tried to tease them by saying we had volunteered them to run the Ch77 net – however they spoiled the joke by listening to it in bed. We then went and volunteered to run it for the next 6 weeks. All Stephen has to do is collect information, broadcast, organise…hang on that’s WORK….and it’s not even paid!


After much exchanging of air compressors on the pontoon (it really is a long story), we started back on the curtains.


Anne was forced to work in the sweat shop factory churning curtains on the rocking boat (it was windy) while Stephen enjoyed himself, taking down old curtains, surfing for things to buy, shopping for food, picking up the post (they don’t deliver to the boat) etc. We managed to install the other tricky curtain in the saloon. Only 17 to go…..


In the evening we were taken out to a restaurant by a couple on the boat across from us. They are based 50% here and 50% in UK and know the local area well. Being a Friday the menu was all fish - the food was very good. The owner kept us amused throughout the evening and clearly missed his vocation in entertainment. At the end of the evening there was a prize draw to win a bottle of wine – Stephen won J J J


We then played double or nothing on the value of the bill with the owner by flicking and catching the credit cards. We won again (but somehow he still wanted paying)


The restaurant was quite hard to find, being a long way out in the countryside. However on the way home Stephen remembered he forgot his coat, so we drove back again. I think it’s safe to say we can find the restaurant again! We did thank the couple that drove with sharing the wine on our return.


Yoyo was active today being very inquisitive on everything we did. Koshka slept as the boat was rocking quite a bit (It was very windy although not as bad as the uk from what we can gather).



Yoyo inspects the xmas decorations and wonders how she will climb the tree


Not wanting to miss out on her tuna, Yoyo is prepared in case the tin opener fails.