Vlikho Bay, Levkas -> Abelike Bay, Meganisi

Stephen & Anne
Fri 19 Jul 2013 17:45

38.40.228N 20.47.298E


We had only had 2 nights in Vlikho bay which for Wandering Dragon is a mere snippet of time. Pyxis dragged Wandering Dragon (not literally) out of the bay and on to a new destination. We motored for about an hour past the Islands owned by the Onasis family to Meganisi.


Wandering Dragon then had to undergo a new manoeuvre; anchoring with a stern line to shore. The anchoring bit we are fine with – but we had never needed to take lines ashore. Luckily Richard was on hand to swim our lines ashore for us and attach them securely round a suitable rock.



The view out of Abelike bay.




Wanda and one of her stern lines.


We had a lovely few days in this bay. The water was beautifully clear. We decided to give Wanda’s bottom a bit of a scrub so spent a couple of hours each day in the water.


On the Friday evening we had entertainment laid on by Sunsail. One of their flotillas came in. The lead boat tucked itself in between Wanda and Pyxis then they stacked up the 12 other boats across the other side of the bay. Luckily the wind was not blowing too much and so our game of “Flotilla bingo” during drinks on Wanda’s bow was pretty slow. We did see the anchor drop into one boats dinghy (top left corner marked off). We were quite sporting though and did shout to them to let them know their anchor was not actually deployed properly.


We really enjoyed our days lazing reading books and then dipping in the sea to cool off.



Motor boat leaving Abilike bay – you’re not going to mislay this boat!!