Stephen & Anne
Sat 14 Jun 2008 23:53

38.50.429N 0.07.131E


Yoyo here.


Today Koshka & I were up bright and early. Dad had said he had arranged a “surprise” for us today. So we were eagerly anticipating what is was.


Mum & Dad got up about their usual time and carried on as usual – so no “surprise” there. They started sorting out the forward top bunk, but we paid little attention to this. About 11am Mike arrived at the boat. Mum & Dad then started closing the windows etc. and then Koshka spotted them – the dreaded carrying cases. Koshka ran for the cover of the duvet, but Mum found him and put him in his carry case. I thought it must just be Koshka going out, but no Mum came and got me too. At first I tried to struggle but in the end I let Mum win and ended up in my carry case.


We were carried all the way along the pontoon and into a car. It was quite fun eyeing up all the boats we could explore. We then had a short car journey to the VETS. Now I think that is a very mean surprise. We had to wait ages in the vets – but there were people and dogs to watch. Anyway now we have had our annual Jabs so we can carry on travelling. The vet looked at my skin and said that I’m very healthy and must be eating lots of fish – I tried to explain I could eat more. We’ve had a bit of a trip out and we now know there is still land around. Once we were back on the boat Koshka & I had a bit of a sulk. Well we don’t want Mum and Dad thinking we enjoy going to the vets.


Mum & Dad were busy preparing this evenings dinner in the afternoon. Mum went off into town for a few last minute ingredients while Dad played with pastry cases.


While Mum was away Karen came over to let Dad know that there was an outdoor swimming pool here. When Mum got back, they both went off to the swimming pool. Apparently it’s a roof top bar with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. They met Richard and Karen from Pyxis and Peter and Carrolla from Moonshadow. We all had a swim and then enjoyed a beer sitting in the sun. According to dad, after a while a “giggle” of girls arrived. The men decided that now was the time to test the cameras and practice the “artistic” shots. Pictures of the pool below courtesy of Pyxis’s camera.


Once back at the boat mum and dad continued getting ready for Dinner with Pyxis. They had a lovely meal (well that’s what they said  - as far as Koshka and I were concerned there was no fish or meat so what was the point!!) After dinner they sat up on deck while Koshka and I went off exploring other boats. We can go four boats along today which was fun for us but Mum & Dad really don’t like us going that far away. One boat was especially fun as there were people on it and we could stare at them down the hatches – and they didn’t see us!


I have found the catnip that is growing on the deck, but every time I try to get it Mum or Dad takes it away with some excuse of it only being seedlings and it has to grow.


Roof top swimming pool overlooking the marina – the facilities here are brilliant!


Mum & dad lounged around the pool on cushions in the shade with a cool beer


A picture of dad’s bruised leg J