Vilamoura: A Walk to Quarteria

Stephen & Anne
Fri 29 Feb 2008 18:22

37:04.630N 8:07.268W


Today we decided to go and explore the neighboring town of Quarteria. After breakfast we set off round the marina, past the Tivoli hotel and along the beach road, past the camper vans and into Quarteria. We calculated that walking all around the marina was half the distance to Quarteria – it’s a big marina!


We found the locals selling freshly caught fish near the fishing harbour all laid out on plastic sheets on the ground with ice around the fish melting fast. We half expected to see the fish jumping about they were that fresh. We had a wander round Quarteria, which is more of a locals town than a touristy place. On our way out of Quarteria we found the municipal markets (fish and vegetable). We still seem to have a knack for heading off round towns in the wrong direction for the useful amenities, but at least this time we did find them.


We then went back to the boat for some lunch. After lunch Anne decided to take apart the winch that had stuck and give it a good clean and service. As you can see from the photo Yoyo decided to help too. Luckily this time Anne remembered how it all went back together, and with help from Stephen managed to get it working again. (The first time Anne took a winch apart she just threw all the parts into a bucket and then had to get help putting it back together again)


After another long walk this morning and the excitement of the winch it will be another night in with a DVD.



Yoyo helping service the winch