Cagliari: Flags and Wine

Stephen & Anne
Mon 28 Jun 2010 11:02

39.12.065N 9.07.517E


We have spent the past weeks checking the weather forecast at every opportunity. We desperately want to leave as soon as a weather window appears.


In the meantime we have been getting on with a few jobs, making sure the boat is packed up again ready to go if the weather changes, which it does quite frequently – but usually so an opportunity to go disappears!!


The Italian courtesy flag was very tatty and desperately needed replacing. To save money Anne has made a new one. Koshka helped by sleeping nearby while keeping an eye on quality control and playing with the bit of string.


We have been exploring under the floor boards and found a good area for wine storage in the galley. We gave the galley floorboards a good clean and cleaned out the bilge, then went off to Lidl to stock up on Chianti  - at €2 a bottle we decided it was worth the effort. Yoyo has been quality controller on this project, inspecting the bilges.


We had to put up with lots of cheering from our German neighbour last night as he celebrated Germanys convincing win over England. We had popped over for a while to watch some of the match, but as we are not big football fans we didn’t stay long. We are quite glad we didn’t.



Anne, Koshka and the Courtesy flag



The Italian navy decorated their boats – we think it was in support of Italy playing in the world cup


Chianti wine all stored in our naturally cooled wine cellar