Marina di Ragusa: Arrivederci Estate

Stephen & Anne
Sun 11 Sep 2011 13:28

36.46.84N 14.32.74E


On Saturday Marina di Ragusa had their annual “Arrivederci Estate” (Goodbye Summer) festival.


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Late in the afternoon and the beach is still busy …. Are you sure it’s the end of summer!!!


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Naturally there was a stand selling pizzas…


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..and locally produced honey.


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The main town square had various local groups playing.


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Next to the stage the local delicacy cannolli was being sold, crispy rolls filled with sweet ricotta.

We had one filled with ricotta and pistachio nuts … delicious.


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The event was very popular with both locals and tourists.


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The teachers coral the local kids into singing there little (slightly out of tune) hearts out J


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Back at the marina and another stage was set up for more professional groups to play


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The evening ends at midnight with fireworks…


….and then even more fireworks. The display lasted for over half an hour.

They were set off from the mole wall about 50 meters from where we are berthed – its fair to say they were very loud as we were virtually next to them!


Yoyo watched the fireworks and Koshka guarded the bed for the evening and for several days after.

We had an amazing evening’s entertainment and it was all free!