Denia: Bull Running Part II

Stephen & Anne
Mon 7 Jul 2008 08:34

38.50.429N 0.07.131E




After a late night on Saturday we had a lie in this morning. In the afternoon we did a few odd jobs around the boat. Anne made a prototype mosquito net for the main hatch. We decided to have an early night tonight. Big mistake. Tonight the live bands were playing in town. They started at midnight and carried on to 4am. The sound system was very good, clear, but unfortunately very loud. Hence we stayed up very late listening to the band. We are sure this is good practice for Ibiza.




We definitely need a lie in this morning. However we dragged ourselves out of bed to go shopping in the morning when it was cooler. In the afternoon we had our much needed rest.  


After failing to take any photos of the bull arena, we went out tonight and arrived early for the “posh” seats. On Saturday we were stood down below behind the bars (see pictures below). This time several bulls were “enticed” into the sea. Three men in a rowing boat rescued them and sent them back to “play” in the arena. The pictures below show all. On our way back to the boat we passed the sound stage where the bands play. A band was warming up. Another late night we feel.



The bulls run down the main high street and into the bull ring.

We often wonder if the bulls stop at the china shop on the high street



On Saturday night we were with the crowds behind the bars (we stood just to the left of the bull)


The crowds try to bait the bull into the sea. The bull scares the people to jump into the sea!


The bulls managed to get lots of people to “swim”.


Safe in the knowledge bulls can’t climb stairs, the crowd taunt the bull…