Stephen & Anne
Mon 10 Mar 2008 23:51

37:07.864N 6:49.911W


This morning we got up and went for a walk round the chandleries at the marina. Anne then went off to the supermarket, an interesting experience. The supermarket did not have any items we wanted on the shelves, and rather than returning to the boat completely empty handed she decided to buy some vegetables.  In this supermarket it was not pick your own, you had to ask the assistants for what you wanted. There was also a long queue of people. As we speak no Spanish and the assistant spoke no English this was not easy. The vegetables were all stacked up close together and so pointing was not that easy either. Any way she managed to buy a bulb of garlic, an onion and rather more tomatoes than she really wanted. Hopefully we will be moving on from Mazagon soon so we won’t have to go through that again, here at least.


Anne then popped into the tourist office – we really had seen it all yesterday (ie the one square).


While Anne was away, Stephen checked the engine, and mopped up the water from our mystery leak in the shower. (It only leaks when we go sailing and we can’t work out where it comes from).


We are now ready to escape Magazon as soon as a weather window opens.


This afternoon we read while the wind howled around us. We decided to pop into the marina office to return the security card so we could get away early in the morning. Whilst out, Stephen discovered the nearby bar had wifi, so we headed there for a beer and some internet connection.


When we got back Yoyo had a treat, 6 sparrows decided to land on our boat. Unfortunately for Yoyo she couldn’t get out (the wind was still howling so we had closed the boat up.) This did not deter Yoyo, she launched herself at the window trying to get the sparrows. Neither the sparrows nor Yoyo were harmed during this incident.


We will be having a quiet night in tonight.