Stephen & Anne
Sun 6 Apr 2008 20:35

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


After a relaxing day yesterday, the Wandering Dragon maintenance team (Anne & Stephen) swung into action.


Anne completed both covers for the forward hatches – the result is in the photo below. A bit of reworking was required hence these are version 1.1. They were a total success. They will stop the sunlight degrading the plastic – especially as Stephen has plans to install a new hatch. Stephen helped by criticising – he really knows how to motivate Anne.


Stephen meanwhile replaced the winch on the mizzen mast with a new one. Armed with the correct tools it went on with no problems. He also did a preventative maintenance job with the shore power lead. He then went to Morrisons intent on buying a years supply of cat food and litter. He wiped them out of cat food and nearly all the litter. To be fair it took two trips and Anne helped on the second trip. We still don’t have enough food for the cats so we will leave it a few days and hope they restock. They are hungry little creatures. We are not sure why we buy cat food when all Yoyo really wants is Tuna. As we have not mentioned the t-u-n-a word for a while, please rest assured we are not cruel and feed them both tuna 2 days out of 3 (the third day is to make them appreciate it even more!).


The wind changed direction this afternoon so once again we started bobbing around. Later on in the evening we stopped bobbing around although the wind speed and direction had not changed. We then discovered a large ship had moored just behind us and was acting as a perfect wave break. We hope she stays for a long time!



Anne made a pair of hatch covers – only one is shown so our non sailing friends can see

what they cover.



Our friendly large ship that is acting as a brilliant wave break for us.