Stephen & Anne
Tue 13 Nov 2007 20:52

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


We have arrived at Lagos.


We awoke in Sines at 3am and left at 4am with Carl & T. They soon left us as they sailed off into the distance. It was our first night sailing since Bayona but we coped ok, although missing the lobster pots felt like it involved quite a bit of luck.


 In the morning we had a brilliant motor sail down the coast. As we turned the corer of Portugal we started with a brilliant sail (motor switched off) on a beam reach. Then the winds increased, and increased. In the end we arrived with only the mizzen and stay sail in use (our two smallest sails).


We had hoped that the river up to the marina would be less windy – but no!!! Despite the wind we coped berthing on the visitors pontoon and the marina berth without any problems.


Yoyo spent most of the day on deck admiring the view and giving us orders. She likes Lagos, she can see a way of jumping onto the next boat. Has she forgotten already!!!! Maybe we have already made too many likeness’ to Bayona already!!!!


Koshka spent all of the day sleeping. He was feeling sociable this evening when our friends from Pyxis (Karen & Richard) came round. He even spent some time on deck this evening investigating his new surroundings.


Hello to Karens mum and all at her work who are reading this J