Plymouth to Camaret Sur Mer

Stephen & Anne
Sun 16 Sep 2007 14:11

48:16.752’N 4:35.346’W


Today’s blog is by Yoyo the cat:


I woke up this morning and had the perfect start to my day – tuna for breakfast. I’ve never had tuna for breakfast ever! Then mum and dad started running around the ship. Before long the big noisy engine started so I went to berth #1 (on the saloon chair) while my brother Koshka went and sat on the navigation seat.


After 10 minutes I went on deck for the whole morning and watched the land disappear into the distance. I was so brave mum and dad promoted me to #1 watch cat.


The journey went quiet so I went down below for a sleep. Mum and dad then spotted a bird of prey that came on board for about an hour to rest – if they had told me I’m sure I could have caught it. They even took a photo of it




Then the sun set….




…and mum & dad played a game called “dodge the ships in the channel”. This was a bit like dodge the ferries at Dover, only in the dark and more of them. They got quite good at it in the end!


In the night it was quite rough, and me or Koshka was sick (we agreed not to tell who it was).


Finally in the morning land appeared and we docked earlier than planned (although I think it was dads bad planning really). However all the other cats meeooww with funny accent like on “Ello Ello”. Mum and dad say we are in France – I don’t care so long as I get my tuna.


Must go now, there’s loads to see and watch and sleep to catch up on. Apparently we are here or a few days waiting for a weather window and fixing some more bits on my boat J




p.s. We sailed for 24.5hrs and did 145nm at an average speed of 5.9nm / hr – and Koshka slept the whole time on the navigation seat!