Gouvia ->Petriti

Stephen & Anne
Wed 28 Aug 2013 08:14

39.27.177N 20.00.32E


We filled up with diesel in Gouvia and decided to leave Corfu from the south end of the island (the weather keeps changing so do our plans!). We also realised it would give us one more anchorage to explore before we left Greece.


The sail down was fine. The anchorage presented a few extra challenges of being very shallow and having an array of small rocks showing. Our concern was if there were any others not showing!!


This sight in the anchorage didn’t really inspire us. We anchored far off the shore to be safe.


There is a little town next to the anchorage which we didn’t explore.


Later this evening (Wednesday) we plan to leave for Sicily, a passage of 2-3 days.