Stephen & Anne
Fri 23 Nov 2007 09:11

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Last night Koshka disappeared. He claimed he never left the boat. However we managed to take an incriminating picture of Koshka wandering around on the boat next door. Maybe he was sleep walking?


Today, Friday, we woke up, glorious sunshine. After being ‘fooled’ yesterday by a glorious day of sunshine and no rain, we woke up early ready to start work on the boat. Today’s task was cutting some wood for the curtains (please don’t ask how we make curtains out of wood!). Then it started to rain. Attached is a picture of rain falling from a clear blue sky (ok the big black cloud was just behind me).


Later on in the afternoon we went shopping and found some tuna for the cats on special offer. The picture says it all. Oh – we also got wet again.


In the evening Karen and Richard came around. After a liquid refreshment we played tri dominos. We had a brilliant time. Richard has concluded he needs some more tools. Karen agreed (ok she was tricked into agreeing but she did agree). Now all Richard has to do is to ‘persuade’ Karen to let him buy a 10hp outboard.



Koshka is caught on another boat. Shock horror – he’s awake!


Blue skies, warm sunshine and still it rains


Has anyone got a tin opener?


p.s. Yoyo is on the left – it’s not her best look