Stephen & Anne
Thu 23 Aug 2007 21:28

52:02.01N 01:09.10E


Why have we moved onboard just in time for winter? The weather over the past few days has been awful – high winds and plenty of rain – just as well we weren’t planning on leaving just yet.


We’ve not really felt like doing much - apart from putting the heating on curling up and reading (the cats feel the same – without the reading bit).


The liferaft cradle is ready to mount onto the boat, but we’ll wait until there is less wind (boat is rocking quite a bit at the moment). We started working on our first passage plan, but no other real progress. The seagulls still seem to be targeting our boat – although at least with all the rain it tends to get washed away fairly quickly.


Stephen is currently up in Lancaster finishing off the house and overseeing the electricians. (Apparently the weather in Lancaster is sunny – typical!)


The weather forecast is for things to improve for the weekend and beyond – so fingers crossed.