Mazagon -> Chipiona

Stephen & Anne
Wed 12 Mar 2008 20:14

36:44.776N 6:25.812W


Today we left bright and early and managed to escape from Mazagon. Not a sole heard us slip out at sunrise.


However the Spanish navy was informed of our “escape” and started shelling us. Well to be fair they did warn us on CH 16 that live firing was taking place and “suggested” we head 7nm out to sea. We did think of reminding the Spanish navy about Nelson, however in the end we decided not to start an international incident and headed out to sea (ok – to be honest our passage took us past a firing range that was in use today hence the detour).


After our “uneventful” trip, hearing the bangs but disappointed we didn’t see explosions in the sea, we arrived in Chipiona at lunch time. This gave us the afternoon to relax and read, while Koshka and Yoyo explored their new “garden”. Yoyo jumped ship very quickly to explore the pontoon and check out the sea gulls. Koshka watched over her.


In the late afternoon we went exploring. We thought the shops would be open by 4pm after siesta, however 5pm was the time a few started opening. All we really saw were people riding around on scooters with no crash helmets. We arrived back on board by 6:30pm just as the town was starting to wake up. We actually found the centre within 2 hours, a record for us!


More exploring is scheduled for tomorrow after an early night in.