Stephen & Anne
Mon 7 Apr 2008 22:32

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


This morning it was still quite windy from the “wrong” direction (the direction that makes us bob around). The bad news is our friendly big boat acting as a wave break had left. The good news is another big boat arrived and took its place!


We headed into town via the chandlery. We got a few of the items on our chandlery list – we are getting quite good at buying roll ends at a bit of a discount. Today’s deal was 7 ½ m of bungee cord for the price of 5m (to be used on the winch covers). After a wander round town for some other items we wanted to look at (eg replacement kettle) we headed back to the boat for lunch.


We got back just in time as it started raining. The cats didn’t get up this morning so we think they knew it would rain today. However Koshka must think every day is a rainy day as he sleeps so much.


In the afternoon we relaxed and did some paper work. We tried to chase up the spare parts but there is still no news. Stephen gave one part of the engine a really good clean. It had got dirty with the leaking coolant and the fraying fan belt. We try our best to keep it spotless but it feels like it’s a never ending job.


This evening we a quiet evening in – the weather is definitely turning for the worst and this week it will mostly be rain.


A view of Gib and the airport runway. You can see the marina we are berthed in next to the runway.

The picture was taken a few days ago on a sunny day!