Stephen & Anne
Tue 18 Dec 2007 09:59

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


The weather took a turn for the worse. Today was cloudy and very windy with an occasional shower. The boat, that has until now being stationary, started rocking and rolling in the wind. The Christmas tree fell over and poor Yoyo was sea sick – and we were moored up! I think she has lost her sea paws. Koshka was fine as ever.


Due to the weather we decided to have a “reading” day. Anne read a book and Stephen surfed he internet.


In the afternoon we popped round to Pyxis. The main reason was to check the VHF radio before Wednesdays broadcast. Richard had mentioned he was getting a loud crackle at the end of each of Stephen’s transmissions and that his “c’s” and “s’s” were a bit snakelike. After doing various tests we came to the conclusion it was the microphone on the main VHF that was the problem. We also exchanged DVD’s as the weather is predicted to be “hide inside the boat” i.e. rain and wind for the rest of the week.


Once again we had a quiet night in playing scrabble, reading and watching DVD’s and redressing the Christmas tree.