Stephen & Anne
Mon 14 Apr 2008 23:43

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


On Sunday we rested and relaxed.


Monday was our big day – the new pulley for the alternator arrived which meant we could also test the gear box oil leak. We installed the alternator pulley and it now looks perfect. We drained the batteries a little and then measured the current. We were getting 100A at tickover and 122A at cruising revs – the alternator is rated at 130A so we think we are ok now. No belts are slipping or rubbing against pipes.


Unfortunately the gear box still leaks oil. Hence it was removed (amazingly it only took 2 hours to remove it). Stephen was at the workshop when the leaking seal was identified. The stock control system says they have a spare seal in stock – now they need to find it! Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. On the plus side it does mean we can clean under the gear box now it has been removed. He also went and stalked Morrisons for cat food on the way back – they still don’t have any.


This evening we had drinks with Naomi, the French girl who lives on the boat next door but one to us.



Family grooming session