Lagos: Airport run ...again

Stephen & Anne
Tue 22 Jan 2008 21:41

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Stephen’s parents arrived today. We were up early (before it was light even) and on our way to Faro airport to pick them up. The journey along the motorway was very pretty with the sun rising and pockets of mist hanging around. Some of the trees are just starting to blossom – spring must be here!!


The flight from East Midlands was on time and after a short wait we were on our way back complete with Mum and Dad. We thought we’d had an early start leaving at 7am, they had been up at 3.30am to get to the airport. (Well we’re not used to getting up early any more – we wake up when it get’s light so 7am is early for us)


Back in Lagos we got them settled into their hotel and went shopping at the supermarket for a few bits. We then tried to remove the winch from the mizzen mast, but were unable to remove it as we can’t wok out how it comes to bits. This one winch looks completely different to all the others. All the rest are obvious how to take them apart….except for this one of course!


Late afternoon we all got together for drinks on deck. The weather today has been incredible, Sunny, blue skies and warm (25oC). We decided to make the most of the good weather just in case it turns nasty for the rest of their stay. We had a bottle of bubbly to celebrate mum’s birthday.


Koshka and Yoyo decided it was too warm to do anything so slept all day. They got up for a bit of an explore once the sun went down.


We all had an early tea an early night to catch up with the lost sleep from this morning.