Cagliari: We've moved....

Stephen & Anne
Thu 23 Apr 2009 21:42

39.12.194N 9.07.645E


….but don’t get too excited yet.


We started the week fixing leaks in the holding tank and more potential small leaks on the deck. Our wish for rain was granted on Wednesday when it rained all day, heavily at times. The conclusion was the leaks on the deck were still present but much less than they were. More work is required (we suspect it’s a never ending job).


Today we were lifted out and moved into the boat yard. It was a move though!! We had to pack everything up, take up the passerelle and remove our mooring lines. We then motored round to the area where boats are lifted out. Antenello and his crew did a fantastic job. They even had a diver to check the straps were in the correct position under the hull. It took nearly all day to get us in position in the boat yard. The hard work starts tomorrow. We were pleased with the lack of growth on the hull although the wire we have from the skeg (bit by the rudder) to the keel (to stop ropes going round the propeller) was quite a mussel farm.




Naturally we found a little time for art. Anne’s latest picture is below.