Stephen & Anne
Tue 22 Apr 2008 22:27

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


Todays blog is by Yoyo the ships cat:


My paws are sore but I’ll type again.


Today started with much the same as any other, only today the sun was out and there was only a little wind. Koshka and I did our morning deck inspection, all was fine. Koshka then went back to sleep below decks while I sat on deck and watched the world going by. Dad took two large bags of dirty washing away and came back without it. Mum and dad then emptied the lazzarete to air it a bit and to tidy it. They then went off and came back with clean, wet washing. The washing got hung out all over the boat. How do they get through so many clothes, they should try having fur like us – much easier to keep clean.


Later on Mum and Dad sprung into action and started talking about a mouse. My ears pricked up. They were talking about a mouse in the conduits. That sounded like it could be a fun game. However they weren’t talking about a mouse the animal they meant a piece of string to pull cables through, not so much fun. They managed to get the wifi antenna cable from the lazzarete into the aft cabin, but it all went wrong trying to get it into the saloon. As I couldn’t help much I stayed on deck enjoying the sun and continuing to watch the world go by.


Later on they saw Pyxis arriving so they went off to help those nice people (they bring us Duck you know). After tea Koshka & I were enjoying exploring the boat next door when Mum called us in, I don’t think she likes us jumping ship (literally).!  


We are now sat here waiting and dreaming of meaty treats from Pyxis (mum and dad don’t eat meat so it really is a treat for us!).