Puerto de Mahon (Menorca)

Stephen & Anne
Fri 8 Aug 2008 11:44

39.53.230N 4.17.118E


After a good night’s sleep (and no more excitement) we were up and about reasonably early. Just after 9am we got ready to go to explore the town. We were putting things into the dinghy when Stephen noticed one of the fittings for attaching the dinghy to the davits was a bit loose. He tried to tighten it and we then noticed water in the dinghy. We soon realised the fitting went through the dinghy base and in trying to tighten it up it had started leaking. Rather than risk a trip into town in a leaking dinghy we decided we needed to fix the dinghy.


As we really needed the dinghy out of the water we raised it on the davits. One of the davits then stopped working. It was obviously going to be a “fix it” day. We fixed the davits, raised the dinghy and then fixed the dinghy. We realised we were unlikely to get into town today so we then washed the decks and over a beer or two polished the davits and the stainless steel around the transom (back end of the boat).


Today’s entertainment was the police closing off the channel past the floating pontoon. A tourist boat made a bid for escape through the channel, but was soon stopped by the police launch. Unfortunately we couldn’t see what they were doing as it was just out of sight.


Koshka and Yoyo have two new boats to explore this evening. Both neighbours kindly went out this evening so our skipper and first mate could inspect their boats and endure they were moored properly.


Our berth here also got even more expensive today; they made a small mistake on the bill yesterday apparently!!