Cameret Sur Mer

Stephen & Anne
Tue 25 Sep 2007 11:17

48:16.75N 4:35.36W


We have spent the last couple of days in Cameret. The weather has been horrible. On Sunday it was grey, misty and wet all day – so a book reading day was declared. Sunday evening the winds picked up and we had a noisy night with the wind howling through the rigging. We did manage to get the washing done and managed to get it back home dry.


On Monday the wind was still strong – but at least it was bright and sunny. After a lazy morning we headed into town with the trolley for a supermarket shop. We had just got back to the boat and got the shopping onboard and it started raining. Talk about timing it right. Monday evening we invited the couple form the Irish boat across the pontoon over for drinks. We now desperately need to go wine shopping as they drank us dry! (We were already low on wine so we can’t really blame John & Mary for drinking us dry). Monday night was howling winds and squalls again.


Yoyo and Koshka have responded to the weather and our inactivity and slept most of the time.


We have been avidly looking at the weather to see if there is a window of opportunity to get over to Spain. There have been a few times we think there might be an opportunity in a few days time – then the forecast changes and it’s no longer viable. Having had strong winds for the past couple of days we think we need to wait for the seas to calm a bit before we go.


This morning Stephen went to get Croissants for breakfast – he also went to check out the “Tuna” sale that had been advertised at the Port. Yoyo would have been in heaven – there were whole Tuna for sale at 70 euro. Luckily Stephen decided a whole tuna was too much for us to cope with as they weighed 10Kg (even with Yoyo’s insatiable appetite for Tuna)


p.s. its Yoyo here…you mean to tell me they come much larger than just a little can….I want one…I want one now!!!!! I’m sure I could eat a whole one.