Cagliari: A Little Windy...

Stephen & Anne
Sun 23 Nov 2008 15:45

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


Today is an extra blog. Friday was windy, around 30kn. The marina staff put extra ropes on lots of boats including ours (that’s extra on top of the extra ones we had already put on). Maybe the very high winds on Saturday would be worst than we think.


Saturday had winds around 45kn (force 9) most of the day – we had gusts of up to 55kn (force 10). It’s fair to say it was not the most pleasant of experiences. We couldn’t actually get off the boat as the pontoon and boat were bouncing around far too much. Hence it was a stay in bed day and watch DVDs. The cats just curled up in a ball. A boat in the yard also fell over in the high winds.


On Sunday it was a normal windy day - we managed to get off the boat to stretch our legs.


The pictures don’t really show the high winds but the pontoon should be level and the boat on the left is bouncing out of the water.


Someone’s pride and joy took a tumble in the winds.