Lagos: The Search for Bathroom Fittings

Stephen & Anne
Wed 28 Nov 2007 09:15

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


We awoke this morning to the noise of the cleaners who do their weekly clean on the boat next door. The noise is their chatting with each other for about 2 hours first thing in the morning before they get on with their work! At least one day a week we get up early!


Today we used the hire car and went of searching for DIY stores. Our quest was to find bathroom fittings we could use on the boat and get some ideas for renovating our heads (bathrooms). Now we need to use the tape measure and work out what will fit. Stephen suggested the large double power shower with hundreds of jets built into it would sit on the deck and be perfect. Anne was worried about the windage it would cause!!! Back to reality and the real quest is for taps and sinks small enough to fit into the space available. We did find a big bag of “polystyrene beads” which we thought would be great as snow effect for the Christmas decoration competition – it only just fitted into the car.


During our trip out we kept bumping into Con & Barb from Big Sky, they were searching for a small dehumidifier. We decided they were travelling through town stopping at the same shops we did.


We also cleaned the boat today. Koshka now sits on deck while we clean away from that horrible noisy vacuum cleaner.


In the evening we joined the weekly social in Bar South. Guess who popped into the bar too … yes Con from Big Sky. The weekly social is all the brits in the marina meeting up. They actually arrange loads of activities, walks, sails, xmas meals, and the odd drink or two! They also run a CH77 VHF every other day – basically it’s a way of finding out what is going on, selling/buying boat bits and generally keeping in touch.


Finally, sorry we’ve not been updating the blog daily, we will try harder to update it each day.