Stephen & Anne
Mon 19 May 2008 23:03

37.35.813N 0.58.799W


Over the last two days we have slowed our pace back down and mostly stayed on the boat.


We have caught up with most of the washing, went to the supermarket and started doing a few jobs around the boat. To be honest we have spent most of the last 2 days relaxing.


We did give the decks a really good clean so hopefully they don’t smell of other cats. Yoyo is still reluctant to go out but she is getting better. Koshka is upset we are not next to other boats that he can explore.


A car covered in grass – otherwise known as Street Art.


More conventional Street Art – a bronze statue on a park bench. Cartagena has lots of Street Art in the city.

And we were out after dark on this night!!!


A view of the marina – can you spot Wanda?