Marina di Ragusa: The Sicilian Countryside part 3

Stephen & Anne
Sun 3 Mar 2013 17:09

36.46.84N 14.32.74E


This week’s outing was to Cava Grande. Some guide books refer to it as Sicily’s Grand Canyon.


Our journey there was pretty uneventful. However the last part of the drive was very exciting. There were hairpin turns galore and very sharp hairpins at that,  as we climbed up to the top of the canyon.  The views from the top across the countryside were stunning, but unfortunately due to the sun being in the wrong place our photo’s didn’t really come out. There was a village at the top of the climb and there were some amazing houses.


We arrived at the Cava Grande car park and we were relieved to see it looked open. Due to the steep hike down the Canyon can be closed if it has been raining. We hadn’t checked the weather forecast for this area in advance.


After signing our lives away, or at least that’s what it felt like filling in the form to gain access, we set off down.  



The path down into the Canyon – it was very pretty!


We kept going …. down and down.



The bottom is in sight!!


It was very pretty, some of the spring flowers were out







Sorry our knowledge of plant life is very limited. So we have no idea what the plants are called.



In the opposite cliff wall there was what looked like a “village” of cave dwellings. Unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunately) we didn’t have time to explore the caves as the park closed at 14.30.


We made it to the bottom and explored the waters edge a little.



In the summer this is a popular place, due to the clear water and the pools. Our photo’s didn’t capture the beautiful clear water and the beautiful colours of the water.



We then had the hard task of walking back out of the cannyon – which of course was now all uphill.



One of the many rests on the way out.