Cagliari: The Art of Toilets

Stephen & Anne
Sun 8 Mar 2009 19:40

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


We have had a week of all sorts of weather; lovely warn sunny days, wet and gale force winds; drizzle; cold; and more sunshine! We spent Friday sat around waiting for strong winds that were forecast – they never came!


The start of the week we did the washing, which dried super fast – with sun and lots of wind. On Tuesday it was art class again for Anne. This time she worked on a picture of boats anchored in Scotland (see below). Wednesday the art class went art shopping (well art supply shopping) in Cagliari. By Thursday Stephen decided the art classes looked fun and has decided to join in; 1st minor attempt below.


Stephen meanwhile has spent the week in the toilet. Well actually trying to move the toilet pump to a new location. Servicing the pump has proved problematic, however with Anne’s help we are now experts in exactly how to rebuild one including the exact torque required on all screws. It really was a case of 7th time lucky. The pump is now fitted and not leaking, however there is still the remedial wood work to box it in its new home. The wardrobe has been stripped bare ready for the new carpet lining – no more “eau de toilet” smells in the wardrobe!


We were rudely awoken on Thursday night by a fisherman. He was mussel collecting in his wooden dinghy round our boat. When he bopped Wanda we got up and switched on our super bright deck light to ruin his night vision and let him know we were now awake. He moved away rather rapidly.


As we have not socialised for a while, we had Pyxis and Cape over for drinks on Saturday evening. We also cooked a home made ginger bread cake that seemed to go down well.



Anne’s 2nd master piece. Can we retire on the proceeds of this picture yet?



Stephen’s 1st attempt at a water colour.