Lagos - Koshka's day

Stephen & Anne
Thu 15 Nov 2007 09:34

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today’s blog is by Koshka the cat.


I was rudely awoken by the noise of the vacuum cleaner. Mum had decided today was boat cleaning day. Really, I mean I only leave a little bit of my fur everywhere so it feels like home. I went into the aft cabin to try and sleep through the noise. After a while the noise did stop so I went into the saloon to put some of my fur back everywhere as it had disappeared after the clean up.


Mum and Dad then sat with Yoyo on the deck. I looked up at them longingly – it worked. Mum came down and picked me up and put me on the deck – it meant I didn’t need to jump which saved some much needed energy. It was lovely, Dad grooming me while I sat in warm sunshine. I started feeling a bit tired so I went back down to my favorite spot on the sofa in the saloon. I really like this marina as it’s very quiet.


Mum and Dad went out in the afternoon, which of course meant I could sleep totally undisturbed. Dad found the chandlery so he was happy. They then went into town. Apparently they didn’t walk far enough and so actually didn’t find the town centre. Never mind they’ll have to go out another day which means I can get even more sleep.


In the evening Karen & Richard from Pyxis came round for drinks. They asked how you tell Yoyo and I apart. Yoyo showed off and started jumping all over the place, I ignored them and slept. That seemed to answer there question. I normally prefer to run away when there is company, but I thought I’d see what it was like with people around – it wasn’t too bad. Occasionally my sleep was disturbed when they called my name. At one point they thought I might be a cuddly toy and not a real cat, so I had a good scratch as they said that just to prove them wrong J


Dad showed Richard his spares – I think Richard is now having serious words with Karen. The evening ended rather abruptly when he offered to show Richard all his tools – Karen then seemed to want to go very quickly. Ah well, they did seem such a nice couple as well.


Eventually everyone went to bed so I could get on with the serious job of sleeping after an exhausting day.