Stephen & Anne
Tue 8 Jan 2008 22:29

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Koshka and Yoyo here. We have had to put paw to keypad as Mum & Dad have not written a blog for a few days. They say they have been too busy – we think they’ve just been lazy.


So this is what has happened in our kitty lives over the last few days.


Saturday morning we woke up and the weather was grey but dry so we went for a walk on deck. We both then went back to sleep when Mum & Dad went off to the local market. Unfortunately they didn’t bring any Tuna back. They say it’s not sold at that market, we’re not sure we believe them. In the afternoon Mum & Dad went off to a party on another boat. Dad came back quite quickly so we could get out and explore again. Mum stayed until 5pm even though she wasn’t drinking. We all then had a quiet evening in.


Sunday was grey and damp. Yoyo is missing being able sleep in the sun. Neither of us like the rain – it gets out fur wet and paws slippy. Dad started work on fixing the sink. He soon realised he needed some more parts which he didn’t have and the chandlery was closed. It would have to wait until Monday.


Monday again was grey and damp. Dad did his channel 77 broadcast. The weather forecast was for dry weather on Tuesday. He went off and got the bits for the sink and then spent the rest of the day with his head in the cupboard under the sink. We both played a great game of trying to get past Dad while he was in the cupboard. Space is tight in the galley. Yoyo won but then she is the more agile one of us. With the weather so horrible we just slept most of the day. Mum went off into town in search of cotton thread and curtain header tape, so she can finish off the curtains. After trudging round town for ages she found a wool shop and on the off chance asked if they sold thread. They didn’t, but one of the other customers very kindly offered to take her to a shop that did. So after following the other customer through Lagos she successfully got the thread she needed. The Portuguese are so helpful I don’t think that would happen in the UK.


 Tuesday. Guess what …….yep it was grey and damp. Mum started work on the curtains. The boat is now feeling really snug – only 3 curtains left to make. Mum and Dad needed to fill up the water tanks today – we are really low on water. The good thing about the wet weather is we get to drink rain water from the deck of the boat – it tastes so much better than bottled water. It turns out that the mains water pipe in the Marina has split, so there is no water for showers or on the pontoon. So after a busy day of curtain making for Mum and internet shopping for Dad, they went into town to get a pizza for tea to minimize the washing up. When they got back they found that the showers were working (lucky for us – they were getting a bit smelly). So they went for a shower and then filled the water tanks up. This meant we could go for an evening walk on the decks. Karen and the very nice Richard the Duck man came round to play scrabble. We were upset Richard did not bring us any food round – but he did hint there might be Duck again later in the week.


Well back to sleep now for both of us to dream of Duck and to rest our paws.


Below is a picture of Yoyo working on the blog. She finds the glass of wine helps her concentrate