Marina di Ragusa: The Sicilian Countryside

Stephen & Anne
Sun 3 Feb 2013 10:15

36.46.84N 14.32.74E


This month once again boat jobs have not progressed very much. We have however been out and about a bit.


We joined a some friends for a hike in the countryside. We drove out to Monterossa – which is about a 40 minute drive away (or an hour and a half if you go on the bad roads. We found out that choosing a driving route in Sicily is quite an art.)



The hike we went on was about 17km  (10.5 miles) through mainly woodland. The scenery was really beautiful and there were some restored farm houses that had amazing settings.



This is at one of the highest points of the hike. At least on the way back it was downhill! J




Another view from the top of the hill


Having not done much excersise for a while, it took us a few days to recover from the hike.


Stephen made a trip beck to the UK to see his family. Normally we manage to avoid the snow- however this trip he didn’t. Luckliy it didn’t affect his plans too much.


While he was away John and Robert had a joint Birthday party. Jenny and Vanessa organised a barbeque and we had a great time.



Lis & Flemming (SUMMERTIME) produced a beautiful birthday cake



Robert (VENICE LION) & John (NOSTROMO) – sorry guys it was the best photo I had of you both from the party!!


The next hike we went on was to Cave d’Ispica. The hike was along a valley floor. The rock sides had caves cut into them where people have lived since the middle ages until the nineteenth centuary.



Start of the walk at the top of the gorge. Maybe a horse would make things easier




The walk was at least flat through the gorge …



… and very picturesque




There were lemon and orange trees along the path, so we collected a few to take back with us.



Caves in the canyon walls.