Stephen & Anne
Wed 19 Dec 2007 10:56

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today the weather worsened. It rained, with thunder storms with lightening and it was still very windy. The sky was dark all day. This really wasn’t what we signed up for!


Stephen did his Wednesday broadcast for the Lagos Navigators net including his quiz spot. Karen on Pyxis featured heavily in today’s question J (see below). We then started work for the “Wandering Dragon Travel Agency”. Well OK we booked flights and hotel for Stephens Mum & Dad to visit at the end of January. We had to go out to the Marina Club hotel to use their wifi connection as the connection from the boat was very slow and kept dropping out. At least it meant we could book the hotel in person.


Once back at the boat we had a lazy day again reading and surfing the internet, a few games of scrabble and watching DVD’s.


The cats reacted in their typical care free attitude to the bad weather – they slept all day. Yoyo appears to have got her sea legs again.


Tomorrow we will have to go for a proper walk as we are starting to get cabin fever.


The questions so far (for those boaty people reading) are:


  1. How many official berths are there in marina de Lagos
  2. What is the call sign of the QE2
  3. Pyxis was sailing along the north Spanish coast. Karen who was on watch on Pyxis saw two boats Purse seine fishing (this is where two fishing boats tow a net between them as they motor along). Clever Karen recognised the lights and managed to change course to avoid being caught in the nets. What distinctive lights did Karen see on the fishing boats that told her they were Purse Seine fishing?