Lagos: Back to Work

Stephen & Anne
Fri 28 Dec 2007 22:01

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


After waking to do the broadcast on VHF C77, we did a double load of washing. We then started an inspection / documentation of the water pipes. The aim is to find if we have any leaks, improve the system with redundant backups and replace any old pipe work. We also ended up cleaning out the bilges as we went. Clean bilges are essential, not for any boat related reason but because Yoyo clearly loves exploring them.


We have managed to do the back half of the boat today and found one small leak, several bits of pipe that need replacing and one seized stop cock. When we finished we managed to coax Yoyo back into normal living space. Today has been one big exploration for her.


This evening we cooked an impromptu meal for Karen and Richard. Richard bought some fresh fish around for Yoyo…err I mean for the people. Yoyo had most of it anyway.


We then had the now traditional boys vs girls game of scrabble. The girls cheated at Scrabble and won…well we found an online Scrabble word checker and every “made up” word they created seemed to be in!