Cagliari: Barumini and Nora

Stephen & Anne
Sun 25 Apr 2010 10:05

39.12.065N 9.07.517E


While we were waiting for the parts for the hot water heater we hired a car for a few days and went off exploring. Our first day out was to Barumini and to the Nuraghi.


Nuraghi’s are bronze age defensive towers. This one is a three storey tower built around 1500s BC. The site was developed over the years, with four other towers being added and a settlement growing up. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The only way to go around the site is with a guide. Luckily when we arrived the next tour was only a 10 minute wait. Our guide did her best to give us the information in English, but given our explanations were half as quick as the Italian ones we think we might have missed out on some details. That said we did manage to understand some of the Italian. The route into the tower was interesting to say the least, some very steep uneven steps and dark corridors.



View from the tower to the outside                                                                                  




…… and the inside


The journey to Barumini was quite interesting. We passed a Medieval castle sat atop a hill and enjoyed the murals in some of the villages


One of the murals



Medieval Castle on top of the hill


The second day we went out to Nora. Nora was a Roman settlement. We were a little disappointed after the ruins we saw in Tunisia last year. But we enjoyed wandering around the ruins and our Cappuccino afterwards. We then went into Pula to visit the museum that was included in our entry ticket to Nora. We found the museum quite easily, however once inside the museum we struggled to find many exhibits. It must be one of the world smallest museums!!!



Seagulls hanging around Nora. Don’t they know you are not allowed to walk on the ruins!!!