Lagos: Sagres

Stephen & Anne
Sun 13 Jan 2008 21:57

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today we took Nigel and Alan out along the coast (and we bought them back). The weather was not the best - it was wet and windy. First we went to the fort at Sagres. We braved the weather and wandered around the fort marveling at the brave fishermen who stand at the top of the 100+ foot cliffs with a fishing line down into the sea. We are still wondering how they manage to land their catch and how many fish get revenge by pulling the anglers off the cliff.


We then drove on to Cabo Sao Vincente, where we sat in the car waiting for the blue sky out in the Atlantic to hit land. On the journey back to Lagos we stopped in Sagres town and explored the fishing harbour, and had coffee and cake in the only open café. The weather had started to pick up a bit at this point. Having seen many brown tourist attraction signposts on the way to Sagres we decided to explore some of them on the way back. Off we headed down a single track road following the signs – which soon disappeared. Eventually we reached the sea again and a lovely little bay. Following the road on even further we came to another bay and the brown signs all pointing back the way we had just come from! We eventually arrived back in Lagos safe and sound.


Back at the marina we realised we had locked ourselves out of the boat. Stephen had changed coats at the last minute when we left in the morning – the keys were safely zipped up in his coat pocket hanging up in the boat. We now have a new locking mechanism which needs a key to lock it.  


In the evening, Nigel and Alan treated us to a cocktail, which was a real treat. We then went out for an Italian meal which was arguably the best meal over the last three days. We both had home made ravioli filled with Salmon. On the way home it rained and we all got wet again.



Alan and Nigel sheltering from the sun


Stephen & Anne go fishing in our new economy boat


Sagres harbour


One of the many Algarve bays – the weather improves!