Lagos: Curtains 2.1

Stephen & Anne
Sat 1 Dec 2007 08:29

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


On Saturday morning we went to the local market. The food was fresh, especially the eggs – I guess it was the live chickens that gave the game away. We bought some veg, one we have no idea what it is, it looks a bit like a purple carrot. We were not sure what the live rabbits were there for unless…..


When we returned home to the boat we started on curtain 2.1. The wood (mentioned in a previous blog entry) is for the battens holding the curtain up. It went reasonably well, shape was good, size fitted and all was going ok until the last press stud was attached. Stephen popped it into the wrong spot by about 2cm – which means we will need to remake the entire curtain. As a temporary measure we fitted another press stud in the correct position so a least we have the curtain useable. Pictures will follow when all are complete.


I’m sure we will be experts by the end. On Sunday we start on a new window, a new shape, version 0.1 draft.


In between curtain making, Stephen did more paper work. The boat is quite small especially when working on projects so it’s difficult to do more than one activity simultaneously.


In the evening we read the dictionary, and had a couple of games of scrabble. We are determined to win Scrabble against Richard & Karen on Sunday evening.