Stephen & Anne
Thu 25 Oct 2007 18:30

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


After a lazy morning Stephen carried on sorting out the tender and outboard going. He (and with a lot of patience because it was so slow) filled up the petrol tank at the local petrol station. After working out how the lift mechanism works (and more importantly the down mechanism so the blade ends up at the correct angel), he started the motor. It started first time, he revved it and it stopped. It wouldn’t then start as he’d flooded it.


He then read the instructions.


Realising you need to put it in minimum revs after starting, he tried again 10 minutes later. This time it worked. Unfortunately the cooling water outlet was only dripping so we were unable to go very far. We need to take the engine apart to fix this another day.


Anne’s hands were doing a very good job of peeling, due to being very dry so she had a paperwork day. Well to be exact a scanning day, to copy some recipes for Jen


Koshka and Yoyo once again slept most of the day. Yoyo had a visit from the 13 month old boy from the opposite us. She seems to be getting more used to children now.


This evening we went over to Marcel’s boat “Blauer Ster” for drinks (I may have spelt both his and his boat name wrong – so sorry if I have). He is leaving tomorrow to carry on down the coast. Hopefully we will catch up with him again.


Finally, a picture of Wandering Dragon the day we sailed in fog as the sun started to break through (taken from Mistletoe).