Stephen & Anne
Thu 27 Mar 2008 20:24

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


Last night was extremely rocky on the boat. Wanda was even crashing down into waves with a thud as though we were sailing. We slept fitfully throughout the night with the cats visiting us on the bed. Today was not much better however it did settle down this evening. Anne went into town this afternoon and felt “land sick” as we were so used to bobbing around for the last two days.


Stephen stayed on board for the engineer. He arrived in the afternoon. The good news is the leaking gear box parts came apart very easily (it took about 10 minutes) and the gear box does not need to be removed. We are now waiting for new seals.


We honestly didn’t / couldn’t do much else today other than make sure the cats were as comfortable as possible. Even getting on and off the boat entailed death defying acrobatics as the boat bounces by about 4 feet up and down – the quay side is fixed and does not float. We did entertain ourselves watching the sailing school practicing stern to mooring in the high winds – most amusing however we did learn a few new techniques watching them!


The wind should shift 180 degrees tomorrow and be a lot less; hopefully we can then get back to normal.