Cagliari: Annual Fondue

Stephen & Anne
Thu 4 Dec 2008 07:47

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


Sunday turned into a hectic day. The morning was spent washing clothes as the weather today was “half reasonable”. We even managed to dry them as well. In the afternoon we had the children from Cape around. This time we made Delia’s ultimate carrot cake, taught some more excel and then let the Bethany and Bryn watch a pink panther film. We then had afternoon tea and coffee with carrot cake for Cape, Pyxis and ourselves. This evening the winds returned with vengeance again – gusting over 50kn. We didn’t sleep very well L. On the plus side, we are definitely not loosing our sea legs despite being in a marina.


On Monday we finally managed to have our fondue with Pyxis. This has been delayed for various reasons including bad weather (rocking boats and fondues don’t go well together). As we sat down we realised it was exactly one year to the day since the last fondue with Pyxis (assuming a one day adjustment for the leap year!). We then had the traditional game of Scrabble. Being the perfect hosts, Richard and Karen ensured we won.


Tuesday was a shopping day. We went with Karen and Richard to explore the local discount mall outside of town. The only tricky task was finding where and when the free shuttle bus left from. With 4 of us, and an approximate idea of where it would leave from, we spread out and waited for the bus to come into our “trap”. Our patience was rewarded and we had a lovely ride out of town to the mall. Anne was determined to buy some Italian boots. Only Karen managed to find some and they were an absolute bargain.


We cleaned the boat on Wednesday and had an evening out with Dan and Judi from Koa at the local pizza restaurant. The weather has now turned cold.