Stephen & Anne
Mon 20 Aug 2007 12:11

52:02.01N 01:09.10E


Well the last 2 days have been slow – we think the work on the house in Lancaster took it out of us.


We have done a few jobs on the boat – we fitted the Hydrovane (it’s a self steering unit), the decks have been cleaned (we think the seagulls have been targeting our boat – maybe the cats will keep them away!!), we’ve worked out where the lift raft is going to be fitted and identified a few minor changes to it’s cradle. We have also stowed the boxes that filled the car.


The cats are getting on reasonably OK – they didn’t like it when we cleaned the decks – they both hid in a small cubby hole by the side of our bed (we were amazed they both fitted – especially given Koshka’s size). Both Koshka & Yoyo have stood in the cockpit and seen the outside world, at the moment they don’t want to go far.


Reminder to self - must practice cat overboard drills!