Carloforte -> Porto Teulada (Sardinia, Italy)

Stephen & Anne
Thu 21 Aug 2008 17:21

38.55.614N 8.43.051E


On Tuesday we did absolutely nothing. It was wonderful!


In the evening we decided to go out for a meal. There were three restaurants along the front, all expensive and looking drab. We explored the back streets. We found one restaurant but he was full or not open (we weren’t really sure which as we speak no Italian and he spoke no English). We set off back to the boat – resigned to the fact it would have to be Pasta and Pesto again!!. On our way back along the front we saw a sign to a Bistro Pizza Grill; we followed the signs and found a lovely restaurant up a dark dead end alley. It was inside an old wine cellar with a stone ceiling and arches everywhere. At first we thought we were going to be turned away as they were full, but then we were offered a table for one hour. We took up the table offer and had the most wonderful pizzas and wine all for a total of 20 euros. We like this place. How can we leave!?


On Wednesday we left! We sailed from Carloforte aiming for an anchorage 35 miles away. We arrived at the anchorage after a lovely motor sail (the winds were too light most of the time). Although there was some swell and we were heading into it this was nowhere near as bad as the crossing from Menorca (the cats were fine!). At the anchorage the wind decided to pick up, it was busy and we found plenty of weed on the seabed. After numerous attempts at setting the anchor we were just about to give up when we spotted a patch of sand on the seabed. We headed for it – only to be beaten by another boat who was obviously not happy his anchor was set where he was. After this we decided all the other boats were probably not anchored well in the seaweed and given the increasing winds we gave up and headed off to the marina at Porto Teulada.


Porto Teulada is a very strange marina. It is in the middle of nowhere – with absolutely nothing around it. There is the marina office, a toilet block and well nothing else. There is a town is 8 km away – so it’s take the bus or get a taxi. After sailing all day we really don’t feel like going out on the town tonight – a safe haven for the night is all we need!!!


Note for non yachties: anchoring in sea weed is very difficult as you need to get through the seaweed to the seabed. Anchoring in sand or mud is brilliant.