Lagos - Koshka Explores!

Stephen & Anne
Sun 18 Nov 2007 07:19

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


08:00: Woke up from my nights sleep in the lounge. Crawled under the quilt with mum and dad and let them cuddle me. I managed to keep them in bed until 10am


10:00: Crawled from the bed back to the saloon for a quick nap.


10:30 Woken up by dad who gave me some tuna. Yoyo then barged in and stole all my tuna. Dad then threw me outside in the name of “exercise”. Really, I’m already a lean mean sleeping machine. He then went and did the washing and fetched some more tuna from the supermarket. I went back inside to sleep.


11:00 Woke up ready for a full days activity. Mum had the material out to make some curtains. Sorry, I couldn’t resist it – I curled up on her new curtains for a quick nap.


13:00 Dad came back from the supermarket. Yoyo meowed like mad and got me all excited that there was more tuna. Non appeared. Dad still looked ill so I persuaded him to have a sleep in the afternoon. It worked well. Even yoyo went to sleep. Unfortunately mum was still busy making curtains. One day I’ll have total peace only interrupted by snores


17:00 Opened my eyes. I wonder if its time for tea yet? It isn’t. Closed my eyes.


17:10 Tummy rumbled. Opened my eyes and walked the whole 6 feet to my feeding bowl. Ate. Walked the entire 6 feet back to the saloon to get some sleep. I’ve only got short legs, so 6 feet is a long way.


17:40 Heard Mum and Dad calling Yoyo. Woke up and went to find out what was going on. I even went up on deck on my own. I prefer to get lifted by Mum or Dad, but I can jump perfectly well if I need to. Yoyo had jumped onto the next door boat and was having a good sniff around. She was happy, Mum and Dad weren’t. They wanted her back on Wanda. I went for a walk around the deck - I can’t let my figure go!!


18:10 Dad was cooking so I thought I would investigate the dinning table. Found a nice pile of grated Parmesan cheese. Not sure I’ve had Parmesan before so thought I’d try a bit. Yum. Unfortunately Mum saw me and pushed me off the table so I went back to sleep.


19:00 Woke up. Dad was on deck speaking to friend in the UK on the phone so I went on deck on my own for a second time today. Yoyo followed. I explored the deck and decided to do a “yoyo” and jump to the ship next door. That surprised mum and dad!!!! And they think all I do is sleep…. ….anyway I had a good sniff around. Mum and dad called me but I ignored them. They then rattled the treat bag so after another good sniff I came back home to Wanda. I’m sure I’m going to sleep really well tonight.


19:45: Went to sleep for the night. Wow what an active exciting day it has been.