Cagliari: Mardis Gras / Pancake day

Stephen & Anne
Tue 24 Feb 2009 22:46

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


Shrove Tuesday was another action packed day. We really have woken up from our winter hibernation now!

After a quiet morning we headed up to the gazebo for lunch time pancakes.


Bethany and Bryn from Cape did the cooking – with the aid of a chair to stand on.

What you can’t see from this photo was the very large black cloud that was heading our way. Luckily we had all assembled in the gazebo and were happily eating pancakes when the heavens opened.



Late afternoon we headed into town to watch the parade. Once again there was lots of noise, foam, silly string and confetti.

This is the start of the parade heading up Via Mannno



More of the parade. The archers have a very important duty later on.



As the parade carried on round the streets the crowds started to gather on top of Bastione Saint Remy. The sunset put on a good display too.



The red flares were set off to welcome the parade to the Bastione



The archers took aim with flaming arrows and fired into “di canciofali”.




“Di Canciofali” in all his glory BEFORE                                                     “Di Canciofali” in all his glory DURING                                                     



All the while the band played on. The band was actually very good and we had a dance along to some old favorites (albeit in Italian).


On our way home we found snow in Cagliari.

Ok it’s not real snow – it’s confetti that had been sprayed from the Bastione above.