Don't Believe the Newspapers

Stephen & Anne
Mon 17 Jan 2011 08:45

36.22.39N 10.32.69E


Sunday was a quiet day and it is clear a sense of normality is returning.


In the daytime everyone goes shopping for food and to carry on cleaning up. At night the locals patrol their houses to stop any looting. The only real problem appears to be capturing all the people loyal to the old president - the corrupt police and the presidential guards. Most have been caught already although the ones left are still fighting. When we speak to the locals people are expecting things to be a lot better now.


In Yasmine there is very little change from 2 weeks ago. The supermarket is open, hotels open, even shops and some restaurants. At night it is quiet with no sounds at all. The cats love it!


We are more relaxed but still wary. All the boats have their radios on so we can contact each other quickly in case of problems. If the next few days pass without incident then we will be a lot happier.                                                                                                                                                                                            


A lot of what we read in the UK newspapers online doesn’t correspond to what we know here. Clearly they love to scare monger e.g. showing pictures of riots from a few days ago. All the tourist attractions and hotels are undamaged. Apparently the large supermarket buildings were owned by the president’s family hence they were destroyed (shame really as they now need rebuilding). The country has a long way to go to become open for business but the Tunisians are hopeful it will happen soon.